Humid atmosphere, pastel-colored buildings, and faded roadside signs.
The thin line that (doesn’t) divide the sky from the sea.
A route that slices through time,
Riviera is the boundary between the past and the present.
Here, summer is more than just a season - it’s a dimension of existence.
The Riviera collection by Arianna De Luca is inspired by these emotions.

It is influenced by the Adriatic landscapes of the 1960s and 1970s,
fusing them with pastel hues, wavy decorations that adorn every beach object,
and the pop culture appeal that defined these locations and is still present today.
It’s an almost surreal approach in which the elements create a new horizon.

These small ceramic totems, which seem to be created from concrete and salt,
originate from the idea of revisiting childhood spent
by the Adriatic Sea and attempt to capture the poetic nostalgia
that still permeates those locations.
Riviera is a rift in our collective memory that expands a tiny fragment of time,
otherwise minuscule, between the past and the present.


SIRENA vessel