Inhabitants of a bucolic atmosphere,
in the sleeping sunrise of the countryside,
two austere and recognisable figures appear against the sky.
They are daring birds, ancient and familiar souls.
The rooster and the hen are symbols
of a common and upcoming past.
Protectors of a rural acquaintance,
neither watered down nor tamed,
they are the ceramic Uccellacci (Bad Birds)
by Arianna De Luca.

The collection originates from the breakdown
of these animals into simple geometries.
It is the first project in which Arianna De Luca
engages with decorative motifs and traditional
techniques that will be further developed over time.
Inspired by the tradition of the Galletti di Vietri
and by the drawings of Pablo Picasso’s Gallo,
those creations explore the balance stretching between
nostalgia and contemporary design.

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