Forgotten elements of the Mediterranean culture
become new home inhabitants:
Folcloristica (“Folklore”) is a collection of ceramics
that brings back to life objects that we no longer see in our homes.

The conca, the cruet, the old pans:
artefacts linked to a close past become
the main ceramic characters of this collection.

In this journey Ramina echoes the “conca”,
a traditional copper vessel from the Italian region of Abruzzo
used to transport water from the fountain to the homes.
The Olio vase embodies the elegant silhouette of a cruet,
adorned with azure bands, while the lamp Sugo recalls
the typical tradition of the tomato mashing to create sauce,
mixing the shape of the pan with the patterns and colours of women’s dresses.
Finally, the Riva lamp evokes the sea and its waves,
an enduring presence in the lives of Mediterranean communities.

Away from the glossy and clichéd idea of the Italian Bella Vita,
the Folcloristica collection re-imagines a world
where this fragment of our collective memory
comes back to life, infused with both ancient and new meanings.


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