Folcloristica is a cheerful, lively and at the same time
nostalgic collection. It is inspired by the mood
and lifestyle of the Southern Italian villages.

The project has been developed by looking at traditional
artefacts, landscapes, memories and suggestions
of Arianna’s childhood in her hometown.

For example, the Ramina vase refers to the “Conca Abruzzese”
a traditional copper basin once used to transport water
from the village’s fountain to people’s houses.
Every Abruzzese has got one “conca” at home from their grandmothers.

The Sugo lamp recalls the patterns of grandmothers' clothes,
the shapes of old pots and pans and the colors of algae and corals.

The Olio vase reminds of antique olive oil ampoules,
finally the Riva lamp evoke the waves
in the Mediterranean Sea. Each object of this collection
has a meaning and a story and translates
a unique memory into a contemporary piece.


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